What made Avengers Infinity war great?

Hello there fair souls, today I want to discuss about Avengers Infinity War.

For me , this movie was is masterpiece. I want to discuss my fav things that were in the movie , so let’s begin –

  1. The Buildup- This movie was a buildup of collection of movies that started from 2008. The release of Iron Man was the beginning of a journey that lasted more than 10 years. We had a lot of time to get to know about the characters and their motives.10 years of watching RDJ as iron man was a great experience.
  2. The Cast- The movie had its roots and faith in its actors. The movie had a lot of great performances  from various actors, particularly , Zoe Saldana as Gamora. She really did give us probably the best performance in the entire MCU.
  3. The Villain- This was something that was close to the heart while making this movie. The movie could have ended up just like “Just-us League” if this part didnt go right. The movie had the fear of being poor because of its poor villain(Just like other marvel movies like Thor The Dark World) but they didnt take any chances this time , they created an exceptional villain with a great story.
  4. Point of View- This movie can be easily called as “Thanos’ Infinity war” because the main character was the villain , not the heroes . Thanos saw himself as a saviour and not as a tyrant. He was right to some extent. He didn’t want anything but universal peace and he sacrificed everything for it.
  5. The Arc Of the Heroes- The heroes were nothing less than the mad titan because everyone had a time to shine. Marvel was able to redeem Thor as probably their best character. They turned a brick into a house. Steve Rogers had a very small part but the aftermath of Civil War had a toll on him , he was a changed man.
  6. The Dialogues – This has to be one of my fav parts of the movie. The dialogues were great. Every word that came out of Thanos’ mouth was great particularly, “Dredd it , run from it , destiny arrives nonetheless and now its here, or should I say , I am.”I got goosebumps at that dialogue.
  7. The Music-The music by Alan Silvestri was excellent ! I loved every single sound that came out of the speakers, especially ‘Forge’ and ‘Help arrives” .
  8. The ending- This movie had an ending that no-one predicted. Thanos snapped.People turned to dust. Heroes lost. You don’t get to see this kind of ending in many movies.
  9. The memes- This movie had a lot of memes under its name. The memes regarding the  launch of the trailer. The memes regarding Black Panther (Get this man a….) and the memes regarding the snap. All of them played a huge role in the success of this movie.

Anyways, this would be it for today , hope you all have a great day .

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What makes a villian ‘Great’? 

Alright people, its the Q guy here again after a long  time.

Here to make a list of how to make a villian great. 

Since the start of this century, amount of great heroes and villains had a boom because of comic book movies. 

Around the years, we had a ton of great heroes but only a handful of good villains.

Ok, so here is my list of qualities of a great villain. 

Motivations – A villain should have a good reason to motivate him for his acts. Sure this does not stand for the JOKER but that also has its reason, he was chaotic. For e.g-  Micheal Fassbender’s MAGNETO had a good reason to be a villain. 
Actor– Around the years, we had actors that were born to play that specific character such as Hugh Jackman as WOLVERINE (specially in LOGAN) and RDJ as Iron Man.But we only had some actors born to play a specific villain, most notibly Heath Ledger’s Joker and Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse Flash.
Dialogue – This part isnt very important but yeah it has its stakes. As of today, 18th January of 2018, Thanos has said only a few lines but they all were menacing – “Dredd it, run from it, but destiny still arrives”. 

Exciting powers-A villain should have something that audience like. I cant find many but, The Thinker in Flash’s season 4 is the best to be in the list. With exciting powers, there should be another thing-

Vulnerabilities– A good villian should have some good vulnerability. The worst villain with the worst vulnerability is probably DOOMSDAY from BvS.

Anyways, that sums it up  for today, please share this blog if you like it and please your comments. 

Thanks, have a great day. 

-Qasim Mustafa 

Top 10 Superhero Movies. 

Hi, it’s me Qasim, Again.

Here to give you my list of the Top 10 Superhero Movies I have watched. So lets begin –

10.Doctor Strange – The life of neurosurgeon comes to a twist that makes him change his beliefs about the world, universe and beyond.

9.Man Of Steel- An alien, from a planet that is thousands of light years away from us, is sent to earth to be the last one e alive of their species. The alien grows up on earth and develops a will to save it.

8.Iron Man 2- After realizing that he is going to die soon, Tony Stark dies everything to make him happy for the short while of his left life.  Then a guy calling himself the Whiplash shows up to end his life sooner than expected.

7. Thor The Dark World –  After finally estoring peace throughout the 9 realms,  the Asgardian prince finally is able to meet the women he desires, u til he gets to know that she has contained one of the infinity stones in herself.

6.Thor- Thor, the prince of Asgard, is banished to earth without his hammer for his pitiful acts against the king. Thor now has to find his way to Asgard to save his family and maybe the earth itself.

5.X Men Days Of The Future Past- After mutants are getting killed by the sentinels, the only way for their protection is to go back in time and stop the events that led to creation of sentinels.

4. Deadpool- A merc with a mouth, who knows that he is a movie, gets the ability to heal any part of the body he looses.  After getting these ability, his face starts to look like a topographical map of Utah. It’s now upon him to find the evil guy who did this to him and become smooth as Ryan Reynolds again.

3.Logan- 2029, where all the mutants were killed by professor x (accidently), Logan looses his healing factor and now must fight for his daughter and for the evolution of mutants.

2- The Avengers – Six people from very diffrent aspects of life have to form a team to save the earth.

1.Captain America Civil War- “An organization attacked by other may rise again,  but an organization crumbled from within, is dead.” The time where heroes divide and have to fight their family for others.
Leave a lime and comment if you liked this. Peace. 

The Flash 4×01

Hi,it’s me, Qasim, again.

Here to write a my review for The Flash Season 4 Episode 1. 

                     SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!

                   PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Anyways, Let’s start the review. 

This episode starts with a CW superhero themed intro now narrated by Iris West instead of The Flash.  That’s a plus point for today’s episode. +1

This episode shows that being stuck in the speed force messed with Barry’s brain and he might be suffering from split personality disorder. That might also explain why Savitar was so evil. 

The Team Flash comes back in a weird yet exciting way. Vibe and Kid Flash are the new team flash. Iris West is not the looker guy I  the team. 

The Villain of this season of the flash (The thinker) shows up in the very first episode itself. It states how CW is listening to the fans and releasing not revealing the identity of the antagonist in a very late and presumable way.

The humor and fun of the first season returns to the show. It also expresses how the CW team listened to the fans for once and realized that the flash does not have to mourning or brooding all the time.

The cast is doing  a way better job than they did in the previous season. The cast felt boring because of the story. 


 The CG in this episode is very weak, I watched the show in 360p yet I was still able to see the weird looking CG. 

They just sent Julian back to London. At least give us a reason about why he left. 

The STAR Labs is fully functional after the events of 3rd season. There is no hint about him much time did it took to rebuild it. 

Joe lies that Barry is gone to some Czech republic thing. Even a person like me would have announced that Barry is dead or that he went missing. 

Cisco took 6 months to vibe Caitlin. 😑😑😑😑😑. He could have just vibe her the very next day she left. 

Caitlin never explains why she didn’t come back to STAR LABS and how did she manage to control killer frost. 

Irish West looked lime that she didn’t want the flash to return. Look, I know it’s Trauma and everything but seriously???? She just can’t be the one who thinks that Barry does not need to return.
Thats all for today, have a good time. Peace. 

If you have any questions, post that in the comments, I will try to answer them. 

Samsung VS Apple. 

Hi, it’s me, Qasim live and in stereo…..

Wait, this is not 13 Reasons Why.

Anyways , today, I am going  to tell you why I prefer Samsung over Apple. Later on, I will list the things that I wish Samsung had(Ofcourse I am talking about the features in Apple).

OK let’s start-

1.Display- Most of the Samsung phones have a better display than IPhones. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has a better infinity display than of the IPhone X.

2.ROM- I like Android more than IOS.

3.Camera- This is the hardest section for me. I love Apple’s camera and I think they can be the best in the world, but few days ago, I compared IPhone 6’s camera to Samsung Note 3, I realized that they were comparitevly of the same quality exception of the colour saturation.

4.Looks- I like Samsung’s build more than Apple’s. I think the best build of the Samsung is with the J7 Pro (I do own one).

5. AI- Apple has Assistant called SIRI.  Very good and sleek. The Samsung people got the Google Assistant, the best in the world.

Well, that’s enough for it.

Now let’s point out the things that Apple does better.

1.Updates- Apple is better at rolling out updates.

2.The Look of the OS- Apple’s OS looks simple but sometime I think it might be better than Samsung.

3.Simplicity-Apple’s phones are very awesome yet simple at the same time.

4.Keyboard- Apple has a way better keyboard than Samsung. I freaking hate Samsung’s keyboard.
Anyways, thats it for today.

Oh and BTW, today is Friday the 13th.



Hey everyone, it’s Qasim, again, here to write a review about the marvel’s inhumans.

So before we get started, let’s just learn something about this because this will tell you the reason of my overall review.

Inumans is a 8 episode show by Marvel, Imax and ABC. It tells the story of genetically evolved humans that were experimented by a group of aliens called the Kree. They evolve, become powerful and come to live in a small city called Attilan. They later were able to shift their capital to the moon. They get there powers after exposure to a Gass called Terrigen Mist. This show mostly revolves around the story of the royal family of the inhumans. They are-

  1. Black Bolt-the king whose voice can level an entire city on slightest whisper.
  2. Medusa-the queen who can control her hair.
  3. Karnak-a loyal member of the royal family who can detect faults in almost anything.
  4. Gorgon-A loyal member who has the ability to create Shockwave through his horse like feet.
  5. Triton – A green colored weird member of the royal family who powers are similar to that of Aquaman and Namor.
  6. Crystal-The queen’s sister who can control all the elements.
  7. Lockjaw- The teleporting dog of the royal family.
  8. Maximus-The king’s evil brother who for some reasons has no power in this show. 

Alright, enough introduction. Now let’s start the review.
1-Cast- The cast sucks (except Anson Mount as Black Bolt, he is the definition of Black Bolt).  Every cast member except Anson Mount has clearly no idea of what they are doing.

2-Sets- Mark my words, the set for the Attilan was shit, but everything on the earth was pretty good.

3-CG- Pretty good, pretty bad at the same time. The effects for Attilan are good but not for the characters. The effect used for lockjaw’s teleportation can be made by using an app(I forgot the name).

4-Character Development – Everyone in the royal family gets some of character development. I think the character development between The king and the queen was awesome.

5-Action-The action is low budget but still awesome. The biggest problem in the action sequence is that the real nerferd their powers. I haven’t seen crystal use her powers till now.
Overall Review- 3.6/5

I will write another blog for this if I find it worthy. 

And By the way, the guy sitting in between is me. 

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Hey everyone, it’s me Qasim, here to write a review about the Samsung galaxy J7 pro.

Alright. I want to divide the review into two parts, Pros and Cons but first, let’s introduce the phone.
The Samsung Galaxy J7 is higher end medium class phone by Samsung. It was released on July of 2017.


1- Large screen: This phone has a 5.5 inch screen with 1080p display.

2-Ram– This phone comes with total of 3 GB ram.

3-OS- This phone is currently running on Android Noughat.

4-Battery– This phone comes with a 3600 Mah power of battery  life.

5-Camera– This phone has a rear and front facing camera and both of them are of 13MP.

6-A beautiful UI– This phone is having the by far best UI in Samsung phones.

7-Storage– This phone comes in two variants One with a 32GB of internal storage and the other one having a 64 GB of internal storage. The storage can also be expanded upto 256 GB.

8-Build Quality– This phone is good looking in both the colors and have a new design compared to other Samsung phones.

9-Dual sim– This phone can store 2 Sim cards along with a SD card.

10-Always on Display – The Always on Display is present in this phone and adds more beauty to it.

1-Ram Management– This phone has 3 GB of ram but is not managed properly.

2- Processor– The processor is slow but useful.

3- Speaker– This phone has only 1 speaker placed on a very weird place.

4- Fingerprint Sensor– Fingerprint Sensor is not very good, sometimes it fails to read your fingerprints.

5- Charging– This phone has a large battery with no fast charging. This phone has a type B charger. It takes more than 2 hours to charge this phone.

After spending lots of time with this phone, I would rate it 4.3/5.

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